arc juna.

so, week ago
i happened to watch this
thanks to someone :)

then i thought
what if i adopt the theme
for my next look ?

shoes = LEZILLA 
bottom = BATIK KERIS
other = treasure

do you think that's weird ?
scary ? or else ?
i think it's odd *-*
can hardly tell
what was going through my mind

a real cowbell

what i use to cover my head on 2nd photo


  1. I know what was running through your mind; creativity, that's all.
    Sigh, thanks to mid term, I can hardly go anywhere :( not even to Sency

  2. i've been following your blog for awhile,and the only thing i can possibly say is, you've helped me to understand what people mean when they say to me.. " ur style is... original, or unique." i see what they see through you. so you are amongst my favorites and i thank you special stranger.

  3. You really capture the spirit of the show throught your photos, I really like that you push always forward your creativity with irony and fantasy.
    Your work is amazing!

  4. Oh my god. Oh my. How is...? How do you...? How...? Where do you...? No coherent thought can enter my mind at this moment.