5 days 3 flags.

went to 3 countries in just 5 days
what kind of trip is that O.o?

i love this idea
to not show you the clear pictures
of places i've visited
but only give you the details
to let your imagination wander

shower glass doors


holy day.

christmas without christmas tree
is no christmas
presents without your presence
is no present


beauty case.

beauty case
a contemporary art exhibition

from december 14, 2011 until january 8, 2012
at grand indonesia east mall lower ground


by sri astari


stay hurts.

don't know what to title this post
i was listening to HURTS
while editing my photos
and STAY is my favorite song
so i just got the title :)

the very first time i saw them
their looks instantly caught my eye


cart oon 9.

my sweet lookbook.nu friend
Miko M.
mentioned about powerpuff girls
in one of her comments

so i called professor utonium
to bring the girls here ;)


cart oon 8.

this is a request from anonymous
who left a comment on CART OON TOO.

if you're following me somehow
hope you'll like it :)

johnny bravo