mary o'nette.

my friend prompted me
to do marionette
he said i should make it gothic
which i assumed it means darker(?)
however i thought i could still
be creepy with white and light


the goods dept•

3 days ago i posted an exhibition
held at the goods dept
afterward i thought i should
share more about the place itself
goods dept is one of my treasure boxes
all the goods you can find there
is the gold they collect
from many great local designers
and some international brands

for me the place ain't only perfect
to find good things
but also to find inspiration
moreover they added a cafe inside
called the goods cafe
where i have to say that
the food is good




happy shocks
victim shakes
guerillas rawks
TV EYE custom exhibition

on march 16-23, 2012
at the goods dept•


grand indonesia is
the only mall in town
where i can always find art exhibition
whenever i go there

see previous exhibition here
and these are some artworks
i saw last friday

by jean philippe haure


love story.

when our two souls stand up,
erect and strong
face to face, silent,
drawing nigh and nigher
until the lengthening wings
break into fire at either curved point

what bitter wrong can the earth do to us
that we should not long be here contented ?
think ! in mounting higher
the angels would press on us
and aspire to drop
some golden orb of perfect song
into our deep, dear silence

let us stay rather on earth, beloved
where the unfit contrarious moods of men
recoil away
and isolate pure spirits
and permit a place to stand
and love in for a day
with darkness and the death-hour
rounding it

jennifer cavilleri

the most beautiful vow
i've ever heard
from 1970 film called


do odle.

i picked random movie to watch
(not in theater, just on my computer)
it called seeking justice

i am the
kind of person

but at that moment
all of a sudden
felt like i wanted to doodle
so i kept my eyes focused on the screen
while let my hand moved by itself

if you've watched seeking justice
perhaps you notice that my doodle
is irrelevant to the movie

i assume it works like this :
my eyes caught the story
threw it to my brain and caused
tiny little creature who lives there
got hit in the head
poor cute creature told what happened
to another more cute creature
then the other one mumbled to my hand
but since my hand has no ears
it wrote whatever it likes
and i live happily
ever after

okay, i don't know
what i'm talking about either


the balletcats.

i love to share my favorites
now that i'm sharing this
you should know what it means

everything related to The Balletcats
drives me crazy, in a great way
their strong character, design, video,
carrot rabbit, hand chop, fashion style,
cute cats, blood, la la la

see it for yourself
you'll love them or you'll love them
i give you no other option



nadine drexler.

we never met
live in different continents
know each other through LOOKBOOK.nu

she's the sweetest girl to me
i just want to give her something
it's not big, i'm not an expert
but i tried my best

don't have pen tablet
simply drew it with my mouse
my reference is random photos
on her website

i know nadine loves colors
unfortunately i'm not good at it
hope she'll still like it somehow