cart oon 10.

for anonymous who left a comment
if you happen to read this
thank you for reminding me to do more DIY
and here's your request :)

of course
mickey/minnie ever cross my mind
but i have this case, that
when i really want something
afterward i see dozens of people wear it
immediately lost my appetite to have it

i've seen lots of mickey/minnie looks on lookbook.nu
therefore i dropped them from my list

however my other case is
i can hardly say no to a request
because doing it is one of my ways
to stay connected with you all

apologize if you find
i haven't done your request yet
not always have things that i need
to do all the requests

hat = DIY
long dress = DIY

didn't have much time to sew it
used plenty of pins to merge fabrics
then removed them with photoshop


there's nothing more to show
so i decided to give you
some of my mickey stuff instead

a birthday gift
and some others, plus hundreds of donald duck magazines
cute pencil


  1. I always adore your unique style, wish I was as creative as you, dear
    I remember having exact same pencil when I was a little XD

  2. Love you blog, posted you on my Facebook because it's always nice to share the love and I'm always so impressed by your DIYs.


  3. again, ur such a character! hahaha.
    i used to have those comic books as well...the hat is really cute

  4. Cute! :D
    I'm wondering what's gonna look like if u do a chocolate dress :D Yummy~

  5. I really like your ideas! I`m surprised you have so little comments and it`s a pity you don`t have bloglovin` or something similar.

  6. How did you make the ears?

    1. i made it from black hard paper
      but didnt finish it perfectly
      cause i only used it for photo shoot
      then deconstructed it again :p