ich liebe dich auch !

this special boy
is my lookbook.nu mate

first time i saw him
he caught my attention with
his creative-crazy-fun-cool looks
i said 'creative' because he made things

yes, he made them

adore his unusual styling too
these are my favourites

and surprisingly
he dedicated one of his looks for me

without a second thought
i surely have to keep these precious things
in my personal journal (read : blog)

yes again, he made those shoes, top and outer

i never gave him my plain background
so i must say
"you've done a good job on that !"


"love it and love you more"

go check his LOOKBOOK.nu and TUMBLR


  1. such an amazing person and I've been craving for heelless shoes like those - I'd die for a pair xx


  2. this boy really got a creative mind, and a stylist talent. The dedicated photo is so sweet! :)