bedtime story.

never wrote about my personal life
but have to keep
this hope-it-only-happened-once story
in my memory (read : blog)

i'm an insomniac
as bad as i stayed up all night
and went to bed
after breakfast

for the past month
i was happy to said that
2am was the latest


february 12, 2012 around 4am
just published my last post
and about to sleep
kinda disappointed with myself
for still awake at that time

my usual (and proper) sleep position
the unusual position
recently awkward position

so i was lying, facing the wall
while watching youtube on my mobile
weird ritual before sleep

suddenly i heard a loud sound
of something breakable falling down
for a second i thought it was
my glass closet doors or my metal ladder
which is kinda not possible

then i turned around
found my glass lamp cover
sitting right beside me

my lamp is about 2.4m from my bed
its parts
the cover fell about 2 inches away from me
ring bulb was swinging up there

the loud sound shocked me
but didn't panic at all

when i saw what just happened
i smiled :)
and why did i smile ? odd


at least for once i can see
the good side of my insomnia :p

if i already slept
it would have an opportunity
to hit my head

i often lay on my bed
stared at the lamp
wondered if it would fall

be careful with what you 'wish' for


reminds me of a story about
a king with a sword hanging over his head


  1. shivers! so glad you didn't get hit!

  2. interesting story. nice to read real stories about real life written by real people. [-: also, glad you lived to tell the tale. hahah. [-: