pagelaran album vakansi.

photography exhibition and live performance
by white shoes and the couples company (WSATCC)

on february 18, 2012 at Dia.Lo.Gue artspace
(the exhibition will be held until march 4th)

told you Dia.Lo.Gue is one of my favorite places
sure i will come here again and again :)
check my last visit here


this exhibition is WSATCC's project
they collected vacation photos from anyone
within a month
and reached about 400 photos

with real stories
unfake expression
naturally beautiful vintage colors
spontaneous angle and compotition
these photos are so precious to be shared
didn't edit them
have to show you the original colors

below are WSATCC's photos

some design and merchandise

cool things in backyard

my favorite outfit of the day

before i move on
have a little story to tell

so, i came quite early
the place was still quiet
i saw this super tall charming boy
kinda attracted to his glasses

hours later
had a conversation with my friend
he looks like kings of convenience's member
oh yes, with that hair and glasses
he really looks like one of them

after several minutes of silliness
when he sang their songs
we finally convinced that it was really him
totally had no clue that he would be there
because it was supposed to be a surprise

still feel extremely foolish until now

i fell in love with their songs
since years ago, when i first heard it
before i knew what they looked like
just couldn't believe i would meet him
on random day

erlend øye

my position was terribly bad
already tried my best
to take at-least-not-blurry pictures

WSATCC is a band that influenced by
the era of 70's, from its music to outfit
they have released their album worldwide


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  1. hello!
    i am not familliar with WSATCC but i follow the blog of a person related to them: http://apriliaapsari.blogspot.com/
    by coincidence they have just posted vacation photos on the blog too. happy coincidence. ^___^