he's old.

it's been a while
since the last time
i made something like this
i really miss doing it

made this card+box
for my friend's birthday

supposed to be a laptop cover
with his name as the brand
but it's totally a failure
'cause you don't get it, do you ?

open it
represents what he does

the fact is i know nothing
about coding and stuff
and i know it's cheesy
sadly that's the only code i know
i know i use too many 'know'


we can find keyboard vector
on the internet
yet i traced it myself
(and the other things in this card)
then printed-cut-glued the keys one by one
yes, it was time-consuming

why did i have to do that ?

'cause i don't want it to be just flat
i need layers to make it a 'lil more alive
but it's completely my bad
for using thin paper to print the keys
therefore they don't show up as they should
my lecturer would give me C- for this
or worse T________T geez

flip it
represents what he likes

no, i can't read music notes
still i believe that's the right piano sheet
of happy birthday song
am i correct ?

i bet you can barely see
the layers of this one either
gosh, i think i'm smarter than that
must have lost part of my brain

flip it again
represents what he plays


open the box

at first thought
i planned to give him a tee
with my design on it
but at second thought
i'm not fully optimistic
if my design would be great :p
plus i'm afraid i couldn't
make it on time
so just-buy-it seems to be
a wiser decision, teehee

there's so much flaws
i wish i could redo
however hopefully the imperfect is
still perfectly okay

"happy getting older, fiend !"

(oops, i dropped the letter R ;p)


  1. Oh my god it's so creative, and so thoughfull!

  2. It was dark at my car... but I opened it again in my room and totally amazed with every detail things.
    You covered 3 aspects in my life
    1. what I do for living (the laptop)
    2. what I hear for relaxing (the piano)
    3. what I do for some thrilling (the rifle)

    One of the best gifts for sure. And if you design the Tee on your own, maybe I'll hang it up on my wall as one of my trophies.

    I'm glad you didn't see my expression clearly that time :) I was like a 3 year old boy staring at his new bike.

    You know, don't think about some little flaws. Marilyn Monroe once said "Imperfection is Beauty"

    Thanks for this great great gift.. and thanks for being one of my partner in crime :p

    Your devilish fiend,

    P.S. the older a man, the wiser he gets :) LoL just trying to cheer myself

  3. You're so creative! They're hand-made right?
    Gosh, you're totally amazing /is starry eyed

  4. So cool, how did you even think about creating things like this? wow, you're so creative <3


  5. My god, that's an awesome idea! Really creative, well done! :>

  6. This is the most beautiful present I've ever seen!!
    I'm always in love with your works, your friend is so lucky!