gricia effendi.

back then
me, myself and i
had never thought of building my own blog
as i had never seen any other blog

forgive me
i came from stone age
where all i did was sit in the cave
play draw something with dragon

until one day
my highschool friend, gricia
wrote this on my facebook wall

someone inside my head said
um.. why not ?
maybe it's time for me
to step out of the cave
play UNO stacko with satyrs
or hide and seek with elves

later on, here i am :)


"thank you, griz
none of these would exist
without your simple words"


i was holding an intention
to give her something, for months
however just found
the perfect time to make it, days ago
and by chance, the perfect time was
near to her birthday

so "happy happy birthday, griz !"

took some of those images from her blog
(red bowler hat + lace dress as her hair +
her face + cute people on her outfit)

the rest from the internet


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost drop my tears at the office!!! At first i'm a lil bit confuse why did u put my name in ur blog title..

    Love you so muchhh!!!!!! =')

  2. i'm glad you followed her advise! you've made great photos with amazing concept & execution. love them all. :D

  3. ah, my thanks go to gricia, too, because i honestly love your blog so much! you're so special <3

  4. how cute u're, wanna follow each others :)