he pretended to be me !

one day
i checked my email
and found this

felt suspicious about the title
so i opened the link
then i smiled


"love it, kainam !" 

cute smile and poses
adorable stool
like the earth tone colors
love those shoes and socks

and yes, he made that hat
he is a hat designer
below are some of his creations

awesome right ? :)

visit his WEBSITE for more cool hats
also find him on LOOKBOOK.nu


  1. OOO!!!!M!! I just recevied your message frome LookBook and noted you posted me on your blog !! THANK YOU SO MUCH M!!!! And I Love You So Much Too !!! Just want to give you a big hug and big kiss !! <33333
    Your style is awesome and always inspire me !! The reason why I still using lookbook because I'm always checking your updated look!! So, please feel free to upload more and more look !! It's all my energy source and I really love all of it !!I will keep moving to create more fanky hat! And I hope we can meet one day ! I know we are the real friend but not only on the internet !! CHEERS!!!! KAINAM~~