batman themed birthday.

the past few days
i've been busy preparing
batman themed birthday party
for my nephew

i chose yellow-black-silver-orange
as the colour theme

for the goody bag
i don't want to just-give-anything
it doesn't have to be expensive
but it must have a value for the kids
then i decided to give
coloured pencils with colouring cards
along with snacks and cookies

i traced three characters
for the colouring cards
(batman, catwoman and penguin)
also redesigned the coloured pencils packaging
batman for boys and catwoman for girls

hole puncher

i specifically bought snacks and drinks
that fit the colour theme
and repackaged them

cookies by Sylvie

drew the logo on sticker paper then cut it, one by one

here is my DIY goody bags
batman for boys and catwoman for girls

cut out batman's eye

glitter red lips

of course we had cake

cake by Sylvie

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