gunting tempel.

G U N -
T E M -
P E L . 

resatio's collage workshop

may 24, 2014
at tobucil & klabs

resatio is well known as a collage artist
based in bandung

the very first time i saw his artwork
was when i came to caffeinated exhibition
two years ago


last saturday
he held his second collage workshop
at tobucil & klabs

there were more than twenty people who signed up
but unfortunately only fifteen slots available


after a brief introduction about collage
we were all given the same material
to work with

but each one of us
ended up with very different results

part of my collage
part of siesca rose's collage
part of firda ayuwima's collage
natya sekar arum's collage

all participants' collage are on display
from may 25 until june 1, 2014


for those interested in collage
resatio will hold another workshop
in bali on june 14, 2014

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