DIY macramé curtain
+ hanging planter

two months ago
i've discovered my interest in macramé

i planned to make a small one
but when i was wondering where to buy the string
i looked at my string curtain
that i bought years ago
then said to myself
"hey, i actually already have the material"

if you have a string curtain
you surely know that they always
managed to get themselves entangled
i thought the idea to make a macrame out of it
could also be a big help

so there i was
tried to make a big macramé curtain
as my first attempt

google was my mentor
she taught me about the basic knots

. . .

the strings were too thin
my solution was to bind 10 strings into one
to make it thicker

before i started working on it
i thought i could finish the whole curtain
within a week
i was completely wrong

got more than 1250 strings to work with
and it took me two days
just to divide those 1250-ish strings
into 128 small group of 10 strings

my ceiling heights are about 3 metres
ladder is needed to reach the top of the curtain
i had to constantly stand on the ladder
and raise my hands for hours to do the job

my hands and feet were really tired
couldn't hold more than 8 hours a day

didn't have any particular design in my mind
had no idea what the result would look like
it was totally spontaneous

no design means trial and error
there were times,
i had been working for an hour (or more)
then i took a moment
to see how it is from a distance
and at that moment i just realized
i had made a mistake
or i just didn't like how it turned out
so i must undo and redo it again
for another hour(s)

i ended up
spending more than two weeks
to finish it

and to be honest
still not 100% satisfied with the result
i still want to add and adjust few more things
but it was very time consuming
so i decided to leave it as it is now

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