montsalvat is australia's oldest artists' colony
a place where art is made, taught, exhibited,
performed and celebrated
founded by Justus Jörgensen in 1934
montsalvat, throughout its long and productive history,
has nurtured the creation of art in all its forms
(painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film,
jewellery, ceramics, glass, textiles,
poetry and literature, drama, musical composition,
performance and musical instrument making)
set in 12 acres of established gardens,
charming mud brick cottages
and the impressive Great Hall


a month ago
my family and i flew to melbourne
remained there for two weeks

we had delightful barbecue
went to strawberry farm
up to the mountain, down to the beach
visited cute animals in zoo
dug up some antiques
looked for wonka in chocolate factory
got lost in museums
bewitched by montsalvat
greeted the great ocean
witnessed my friend's enchanting wedding

if you're following my instagram
sure you already knew about all these
and as i've said in one of my instagram photos
montsalvat was my favourite of all

i'll show you why

long gallery 
new woodcuts, michael schlitz exhibition

great hall

look up
go down 



free peacock
their big breakfast menu


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