my packing formula.

boots vintage | socks DAISO
skirt LOE manoir | top HnM | glasses gift

hi, how are you ?
i just got home from a little trip
a while ago

looking back to the day before i went
when it comes to packing
i personally love to bring as few things
as i really needed
like, if i could bring nothing, i would

on the other hand
i don't wanna be just shirt-and-jeans
throughout the trip

hence i came up with a solution

to face the fact that
i like to play different role everyday
one day i'm a sweet kitten
the next day i'm a rebel fox
maybe the day after i'll be a gentleman
i grabbed three kinds of bottoms
a pair of trousers, a pair of shorts
and a skirt

for the top
i picked something that looks perfectly match
with those three bottoms
so i could use the same top three times
each time with different bottom

let's say i took five tops
3 x 5 = 15
there i've created 15 outfits
with only eight pieces

of course i didn't wear those to bed
one or two pair of sleepwears were needed
plus few spare clothes, just in case

i don't sweat easily
so this trick works just fine for me

these are not-less-important things
i brought along :
a hat, since i'm quite lazy to do my hair
a blazer
one or two purses
a pair of sandals/flats for a long walk
a pair of boots/heels for formal occasion
not forget the accessories

boots vintage | socks DAISO
shorts ZARA | top HnM | glasses gift

trousers unbranded | top HnM
bag vintage | hat TEMT

how about you ?
how do you usually do the packing ?


  1. I love the second look with the suspenders! I just bought a pair myself and am trying to find new ways to wear them.


  2. long time, no talk, m; i hope you're doing well, as you seem to be, at the moment. [-: you're cute and innovative, as usual, if you'll pardon the "cute." [-:

  3. Beautiful pictures and great looks! :)