pirate themed birthday.

a year has passed
my nephew is turning 5

last year
we chose his favourite super hero,
batmanas the theme
this year
i suggested pirate theme
and he agreed

here is my to do list

- sew the bag -

i already have the fabric
what i did was cut it, make the pattern, sew it
and found the perfect ribbon to match the fabric
which i also already have

- draw skull on the bag -

since we only need 20 bags
i decided to draw it manually

- design and print -

there were still lots of things i had to do
but there wasn't lots of time left
in other words, i need help

bunch of thanks to my dearest sister
who helped me design this
easy DIY telescope tutorial

- DIY telescope -

at first
i thought providing
cardboard, black carton and gold paper
for this DIY is enough

later on
i thought adding white skull
on the black carton
will make it better
so i bought white sticker
and cut skull shape out of it
one by one

and because this is a simple DIY
for 5 year old kids
i thought it will be nicer for me
to put double tape behind every paper
so the kids shouldn't get messy with glue

at the end of the day
the moral of the story is
i should simply just go to digital printing
print black sticker with skull on it
and find (or also print) the gold sticker

it would be a looot easier and faster and nicer
oh well, perhaps next time

- pirate snacks -

saw this pirate banana on pinterest
and i really love the idea
kids will love it 'cause it's super cute
and moms will also love it 'cause it's healthy
i just had to put it in the list

- pearl bracelet for girls and eye patch for boys -

i already have the pearl, elastic string,
the fabric and black ribbon
if you wonder, the answer is yes
i do have many things related to craft

these were basically a simple DIY

last but not least

- the gold coins -

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